eVoltize - enabling the eco-system for electrical charging


Access to efficient charging could become a roadblock to electric-vehicle uptake. Total charging-energy demand for the EV vehicle population across China, Europe, and the United States could grow dramatically from 2020 to 2030, increasing from roughly 20 billion kilowatt-hours to about 280 billion kilowatt-hours. This estimate reflects assumed EV adoption, total miles driven per year, and the average kilowatt-hours required per mile (a miles-per-gallon equivalent). While 280 billion kilowatt-hours sounds like a big number, it represents less than 10 percent of current US energy demand while reflecting the requirements of all four markets.

But where are all these chargers?

Evoltize is a cloud enabled service centered around sharing of electricity. It provides a platform to members enaling anyone with safe way to share their electical outlets and charge for the use of of them to other eVoltize members

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